The Motivation Of Adults To Take English Lessons

06/04/2013 16:43

Why do some adults consider Chambers? It is easy to answer that question. Adults would consider getting English classes because they choose to get one. Adults choose to do so for they needed it. This needs that they have motivates adults to enroll in such courses.


There was a time when I was thinking of improving myself, which made me choose to consider Ielts training . I am not a native English speaker and if I want to survive, I need better English skills. I realized that having better English skills will easily satisfy social needs, especially living in an English speaking country. I need to speak well in order to get the things I need like food, shelter, clothing, medical attention and many other things.


In the course I’ve attended, other people who attended the course with me all have reasons why they attended it. Some of them need to get a good job which is why they attended an English course. Others take such lessons so that they could either keep their job or easily advance their employment. There are others who take such classes because they want to broaden their knowledge and skills in English. And others, take this as an opportunity to meet more people.


One can always notice that adults have purposes as to why they take English courses. They know that they want to attend classes and they have strong motivations why then need to do so.