Even If It Is Illegal To Download Games, Poor Gamers Find This A Good Thing

05/21/2013 16:36


Is it ok to consider games free download? Such question is sometime a reason why people may argue. You see, there are people like me who think downloading games on the internet is not such a bad thing at all. However, there are some people who don’t think so.


I know that it is illegal to download games as long as a company or someone else holds the publishing rights of the game. If caught, this leads to facing consequences. Usually, one would face a lawsuit. But I think, this applies if you are caught downloading a game. If you are not caught, then you won’t have to face such consequences.


Yes, I may sound evil for doing an illegal thing. If you ask me, I don’t think so. I don’t hurt anyone. There are some people saying such deed hurts game makers, however, it is far from what is true. Amidst the various sites where people can download games if they want such as the one found here: download GTA 4 free, the video game industry is still enjoying huge boons. The number of video game titles being sold are still high because of the many gamers we have now. You would even see video games getting sold out in stores.


Video game downloads over the internet is like a heaven to poor video gamers. This will make gamers download all the games they wanted.