Buying Website Traffic, The Experiences I Had With It

02/01/2013 15:59



My blogs used to have a small amount of traffic every day. In fact, it is because of the small amount of traffic my blogs receive that I ended up considering traffic website. This was really because my friend advised me to try it. He pointed out that getting a lot of profit is impossible if my blogs have small traffic. My friend even told me that I will not be cheating or doing something illegal if I buy website traffic. He told me that there are also many bloggers like me who have done such deed already.


If I have to consider buy website visitors, then I need to make a research. I have to know all the things about it. How can they help in increasing website traffic? With the research, I saw all the advantages of buying website traffic. Still, I need to see something that will really convince me.


I decided that is should try my considerations regarding buy traffic on one blog at start. Doing so will be like an experimentation for me. Honestly speaking, I really had zero expectations. However, I was really surprised when the results came in. The traffic and also the sales of the blog have increased. In fact, the margin prior to buying traffic and after is clearly huge.


Hence, I purchased more traffic for my other blogs. If it is successful in one of my blogs, then it can surely be successful on the rest. And if all my blogs become profitable, then surely I will profit a lot, which really happened.